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  • Dog high energy won’t listen?

  • Tried training yourself and not getting anywhere?

  • Can’t bring your dog anywhere?

  • Love your dog but fed up with his/her shenanigans?

I can help you have the dog you have always wanted and can be proud of.

Through clear communication, skillful application of training knowledge, and experience your dog will learn how to learn and with mutual respect begin to enjoy training and the process. He/she will learn that they are in control of what happens both good and bad and learn to make the right choices which is empowering and builds confidence.

It is never too late for training...

Any questions don’t hesitate to call...

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"As a Professional Trainer and a Nationally Recognized Competition Obedience Clinician, I have worked with hundreds, if not thousands of hobbyists, professionals, and semi-professional dog trainers. In all of my travels I have not found a more naturally talented trainer than Jerry Walker. His attention to detail, his thirst for knowledge, and his innate love of canine behavior and drives is apparent from the moment you meet him. Honest, trustworthy, hardworking, and responsible are traits he naturally possesses. I would not hesitate to send clients, friends, or my own dogs to Jerry. You wont regret working with him."

- Matthew Twitty

Lakeland Canine Academy

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"So you just bought a dog, but don't have time to train it! Well, Jerry is the trainer for you. Jerry will take your dog into his home, treat him like his own, and teach him basic training so he will be a joy to have around. Walking on a leash, sit/stay, come when called are a few of the commands he will teach your dog. Wouldn't that be great if your dog could do this! Jerry can train any size dog, from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane. He has years of experience and is also very successful in the competition Obedience ring with his German Shorthaired Pointers. His German Shorthaired Pointers also share his home with a tiny Chihuahua. Wow! You should see what he had taught her to do. It's amazing. I've personally known Jerry for over 10 years. I would totally trust him with my dogs.

So, if you're looking for a dog trainer give Jerry a call, you won't be disappointed.

- Betsy Scapicchio
TOP DOG Obedience school

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