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Thank you for considering The Nature Coast Dog Trainer. My name is Jerry Walker and I have had dogs my entire life. I am a Nurse for the VA and compete in high-level competition obedience with my German Shorthaired Pointer Uriah at present. Throughout the years I have helped many people with their dogs.

I have been approached and asked many times by individuals if I would train their dog. Up until now the answer has been no. Most of the requests have come from families just like you that I have met out in the public at restaurants, stores, and other public places that allow dogs. Having a trained family pet that you can be proud of and to take places is very rewarding and a goal for most of the general public. Probably less than 10% of the general public have this type of relationship with their pet.

Dog training for me is not just a hobby but a passion. I never take shortcuts with my dogs' training and would never consider doing so with your pet. I have been to seminars with the top presenters in AKC obedience in the US. I am well-versed in both classical and operant conditioning. I use markers, clickers, food rewards, collars, and state of the art low level ecollar stimulation.

Take a look at my own dogs and their level of training. I am NOT a novice turned dog trainer. I have over a decade of experience with the ECollar. In my Board and Train programs your pet will be immersed in the training in my home getting the best of care. I only take 1 dog at a time in for training. Your pet will be trained several times per day, have structure and appropriate interaction with my own dogs.  A nightly pack walk and access to swimming in my pool if appropriate. 

As training progresses we will go on field trips in the public to proof what we learn here. My PROMISE to you is your pet will be treated as if he/she was my own and NO ONE will take better care of your pet than me. So please shop around, ask questions, and choose your trainer wisely!

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