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Q: Is my trainer qualified?

In the pet training industry it is wildly unregulated. There are a few organizations that a trainer can belong to etc. There are several schools out there that literally you can work at McDonald’s today, pay $40,000 for a franchise in three weeks to six weeks later and wala you are a dog trainer. This is a scary situation. 👹The other end of the spectrum is your backyard pet lover turned dog trainer with minimal skills training your dog. Not good either. 😧


I am an Active competitor in the highest level of AKC Obedience. If a pet trainer is a HS Diploma in the dog training world then a high level obedience competitor has a PHD. I have taken a non-traditional breed, German Shorthaired Pointer, and not only received the UD Title but had winning scores over other breeds. All the way from Nov A to Utility Straight 1st Place finishes. Not an easy task!

You want to ask questions and look at the trainers' personal dogs. Do they exhibit a high level of training? Has she/he earned any high level OBEDIENCE TITLES? What were the scores? Do the dogs look dejected? Or did they retain their personalities? If you aren’t impressed keep looking.

I put my training against ANYONE! I don’t say this to brag but if you are spending your hard earned money you need to be informed.


Q: How many dogs will be training with mine at the same time?


I only take 1 dog at a time in for training. This gives your pet the most individual attention and chance for success. It gives you the most VALUE for your money.


Q: Will my pet 🐶be outside?


Your pet will stay inside as a part of my family in a modern three bedroom 🏠with a pool and outside in a shaded, safe comfortable area that is video monitored.

Q: How will my dog be trained?

I am well versed in Operant and Classical conditioning. I use a clicker, toys, food rewards, collars and state of the art low level E-Collar stimulation. I have over a decade experience with the E-Collar. I am NOT a novice. I use these things to teach your dog what not to do and motivate and reward him/her for making the right choices. Please feel free to take a minute and look at my own dogs' training. Remember all trainers are NOT created equal, are not as skilled and NOT as transparent. Choose wisely!!!

Q: Can my small toy dog 🐶be trained?


Any dog can be trained. Look at my 3.5 lb Chihuahua. She is very soft and environmentally sensitive, but through patience and with experience sure they can be trained.

Q: Do you train high energy dogs?


I love high energy dogs and usually they are the easiest. Just like people, some or Type A with loads of energy and some are couch potatoes. Everyone doesn’t look the same when they perform the same tasks. The same goes with dogs. They all have their own energy level and personalities. High energy dogs and toy dogs are a specialty.

Q: When can you start?


My 1-on-1 five week private trainings are ongoing. My board and trains are again 1 dog at a time so they are first come, first served. To reserve your spot you would pay me a deposit and the remaining balance when your dog is dropped off for training.

Q: Are you licensed?


Great question! I am licensed. You can rest easy knowing your pet is with a high level competent trainer in a home environment.

Any other questions please do not hesitate to ask! 

Thank you again for considering!

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